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Beanbag dreaming in Batu Karas, Indonesia

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The beaches of West Java are an adventure to get to, but Batu Karas is the perfect place to relax. This was where we first fell in love with beanbags. Kicking back by the pool in giant beanbags, the sound of surf washing over our ears, a coconut in one hand and a book in the other. It was tough to find the motivation to explore the nearby beaches of Panganderan and the Green Canyon. But we did it. Kudos to us! 

If you want to get off the beaten track in Indonesia, meet really friendly locals, learn to surf, and explore national parks then you'll love it here.

We stayed at the chilled out Java Cove Beach Hotel. The friendly staff will gladly hook you up with local guides who can take you on a surfing adventure, or you can just wander through the village in search of delicious food like cumi-cumi, tempeh and kangkung. 

"Batu Karas is a living, working village (not a tourism enclave) located in a beautiful remote area with friendly local people. It is worth noting that life is simple here, with basic infrastructure that may not be to the standard of other tourism destinations (limited internet, simple dining experiences, basic roads!). It is a unique holiday experience, but we encourage you to consider whether it suits your style of travel."

Thats what it says on Java Cove's website, and its true. Getting off the beaten track in Indonesia takes patience and time - but it will always be rewarded. Just look at this place!



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