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Beanbag dreaming in Batu Karas, Indonesia

The beaches of West Java are an adventure to get to, but Batu Karas is the perfect place to relax. This was where we first fell in love with beanbags. Kicking back by the pool in giant beanbags, the sound of surf washing over our ears, a coconut in one hand and a book in the other. It was tough to find the motivation to explore the nearby beaches of Panganderan and the Green Canyon. But we did it. Kudos to us! If you want to get off the beaten track in Indonesia, meet really friendly locals, learn to surf, and explore national parks then you'll love it here. We stayed at the chilled out Java Cove Beach Hotel. The friendly staff will... Read More

Could beanbags make the ultimate learning accessory?

Beanbags are comfy and fun! Imagine yourself as a child being faced with the task of reading. You’ve got a standard school desk, or you’ve got the choice of sitting in a luxury kid's beanbag. It moulds to your body, it squishes around as you move, and you can sit and do your homework or read in any position you choose. Given the choice, I bet most kids would jump at the chance to learn in a beanbag over a traditional desk and chair. Now, a study from University of Salford School of the Built Environment has shown that beanbags are a great way to encourage kids to learn and stay focussed on the task. Learning ability is affected by many factors which... Read More